Success stories

¨GERSA is an excellent  technical staffing supplier, Prepared to provide a wide range of services, and able to respond quickly to requests, even in urgent cases.

Several times we have requested GERSA’s support for installation and production lines events. They have provided installation personnel and engineers with abundant experience and thanks to them we received high ratings from our customers.

For us, GERSA is a local cooperative supplier that cannot be missed. ”

Yuki Furuno
General Manager
Fuji Assembly Systems, INC.


For the mining industry, we have had different visits from the Mexican Republic and even from abroad and with this new methodology, we definitely have made quite a good impression, it has been a very nice experience, and for us is a great achievement the implementation with robots. It is a unique event in Mexico and we are the cutting edge mining, as this process does not exist in this industry ”

Q.F.B. Maria de la Luz Tapia this says nothing about how GERSA performed
Laboratory Advisory
Fresnillo, Peñoles



Magna International in its quest to exceed the expectations of our customers in terms of quality, price and delivery  took on the task of finding / developing local Mexican Integrators with which we can work together for the development and installation of specific automation equipment.

In the past  we looked integrators in the US or Canada, which represented a guarantee in quality but at a high cost.

For the last program developed in Magna we consider  Gersa Monterrey, consisting of the construction of  fully automated MIG welding cells thereby achieving reduction in

  • Integration Costs
  • Transportation costs
  • Monitoring Costs
  • Delivery times and plant commissioning.

Without neglecting, of course, the quality of the items needed for integration.

We were pleased with the work done by Gersa Monterrey. There are still things to improve, but we are convinced that there is a workforce with the skills  to compete with foreign companies in Mexico.


Rafael Melendez
Engineering manager
Magna International