The glass industry in Mexico, plays an important role, with over 100 years of history, glass companies offer quality products, glass containers and flat glass.

One of the most important solutions that has made Gersa Monterrey Group, is in the glass industry.

A major glass company, requested spare parts for its sequencers panels and operator for forming machines bottles, not receiving favorable response from their supplier, we offered to redesign and adapt the panels they needed, thus obtaining more than just the solution to their problem, shared other benefits such as:

  • Extend the lifetime of the machine so that will not be obsolete, obtaining high operational safety and reliability and intelligent automatic adjustments.
  • Reduction in investment costs.
  • Generated work locally.
  • Generated exports when plants in Guatemala and Costa Rica required the same solution.

Our solution achieves:

In the intelligent control system forming machine for glass containers:

  • Automatic synchronization between dosage and glass forming machine packaging.
  • Increased productivity by intelligent packaging speed changes in cuts per minute.
  • Increased productivity by reducing down-time in molding changes and / or process.
  • Automatic generation of set-up operation using algorithms.
  • Flexibility of Operation for manufacturing processes.

In the intelligent control system for the container glass feeder

  • Thermal homogeneity in the molten glass feeder channel.
  • Fast conditioning temperature changes glass molding and / or process.
  • Efficiency in fuel consumption.
  • Keep the temperature curves in glass drafting changes.